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martes, 2 de enero de 2018


The unrenounceable right to have weapons included in our constitution does not conflict with the duty of lawmakers to limit their access to members of the public who are not qualified for it, either because they have psychological backgrounds or impediments. It is therefore mandatory that President Trump promotes the creation of legislative measures that are necessary in the face of the violence that they unleash in inappropriate hands and the social concern about the easy access to the ownership of a firearm. 2017 has witnessed how for the first time in the history of the United States a foreign power dictates our foreign policy. President Trump has managed in just one year to reign the mistrust between our allies for the apparent impunity with which Russia interferes in its internal affairs through computer attacks, anti-NATO propaganda financed by the Kremlin and attempts to break the great states of the Union European as it has been the case of Spain and the support interested in electoral campaigns that should be investigated to their ultimate consequences both judicial and political. Nations that do not maintain their political and social achievements are doomed to decadence and their end as a model of coexistence and leadership among nations. Canceling the achievements of previous administrations and isolating ourselves from international trade on the part of President Trump only increases the expansionist desire of China and Russia in foreign policy and it is a deception to the US citizen to sell prosperity if we fall into commercial isolationism. We all live on the same planet and it is everyone's commitment to coordinate coordinated environmental policies. The United States of America must lead these policies because others who have equal or more responsibility would put their interests before the interests of the planet. Our democracy has been and is beacon of democracy and defense of the same, leader among nations of the free world and now it must be a planet in the fight against climate change. The attention to our veterans has also been ineffective. After serving their country and their values ​​in the different conflicts in defense of the United States, they are on their return without the due attention and care they need. The suicide rate among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan is intolerable. The attention of those who have sacrificed their health in defense of democracy must be endowed with material and human resources. The irreverence of our veterans by President Trump is neither funny nor funny, but it is an insult to soldiers and relatives.
God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Advertiser Chronicle

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