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jueves, 2 de enero de 2020


The year 2020 will be remembered for the beginning of the decade in which the US returned to the Moon and returned to stay. A new frontier where, once again, the leadership in exploration corresponds to the US. Once again, since 1945, our nation stands among democracies as the only power capable of facing new challenges.
A challenge that adds to new ones that we thought were banished, such as the resurgence of fascism, communism and nationalism in our European allies. Raising commercial walls, physical walls and walls based on nepotism and commercial interest has only managed to build walls in American society, in the confidence of the democracies of the world that attend the withdrawal of military support, to close the entrance to trade between nations. It may seem that the US has a thriving economy but it is based on concepts that are not the current one: an interconnected planet where global politics is necessary and walked alongside the rest of the free world democracies
A new era begins where the return to the Moon is only a milestone in what has to be to establish a permanent and viable permanence on our satellite that will serve as a support point for future missions to our solar system. That the future of Humanity expands according to our lifestyle makes it necessary that our partners in this wonderful adventure feel safe and can trust the US as an ally and not to see the US as a power that began its decline, like other great nations throughout history. The US is born as a response and defense against tyranny and today we are witnessing obvious signs that our democracy is being attacked by the citizens who confuse nepotism with strength, blackmail as a policy against the contrary and the abandonment of our alliances that only favors the expansion of other powers that although they would not be rival for the US, they could try to impose themselves on our European and Asian allies.
A government that isolates the nation from its own continent, that prevents free trade between nations, source of prosperity and broth of democracy, that abandons its military alliances leaving the allies sold and is governed by the utmost lack of ethics and morality except for the power of money, it is the forge of the dagger that can end our way of life, our democratic values ​​and lead to armed conflicts because when the US closes its eyes and looks the other way, democracy in the rest of the The world is in serious danger of being crushed by totalitarianism. Let's look up as we have been doing since 1969 and return to the Moon renewing our commitment to go on behalf of Humanity. It is the new frontier and the new challenge we have for this already advanced 21st century without repeating the mistakes of the 20th century.
God bless America.

Perry Morton Jr. IV

Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle

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