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miércoles, 2 de enero de 2019


The announcement of the Chinese communist authorities to use force for the annexation of Taiwan is only the icing on the cake of President Donald Trump's nefarious policy.
The United States was born as a nation before the rule of tyranny and the pretext that it was with the divine protection. Raising border walls and building mercantile walls only guarantees in the medium term the division of American society, the geostrategic retreat of democracies and that our ideological antagonists presume military muscle and that Russia and China challenge the leadership of the United States in the free world.
Our allies observe with fear the rise of nationalisms in Europe, the constant threat of Russia that leads to an escalation of armaments as was not seen since the Cold War. Southeast Asia observes with fear the Chinese naval air power that will not stop in Taiwan, a clear challenge to the United States and its military presence in the zone based on the agreements with the allied countries in the zone that only finds in Japan a military force able to give an answer that without the support of the United States will involve the establishment of the Chinese influence and expand its communist system to the rest of the region with the approval of President Donald Trump and the cooperation of Russia that will see a signal for their plans to regain influence in what were Soviet republics.
It must be added that countries such as North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela are pleased to see the retreat of the United States leadership and its democracy to continue to maintain in power the fallacy of revolutionary socialism that condemns its citizens to the scarcity of opportunities, the oppression of the political dictatorship and the exodus to other lands in search of freedom that allows them to prosper based on their work and their merits. Raising border walls is the first step to an imperial policy in its nepotism and a setback of democracy in the world that has always entailed an isolationist policy on the part of the United States. The gap that President Donald Trump creates with his despotic policy is quickly occupied by China and Russia being the first time in its history that a president of the United States allows foreign and European powers to govern the destinies of the republics of the American continent.
The men and women of the armed forces keep alive the legacy of those who preceded them with their sacrifice throughout history whenever the United States entered the war. Democracy is the only system that guarantees that every day we work for a better, prosperous world with a global spirit that will lead us to the exploration and colonization of space. The wall on the border with Mexico is not only a physical barrier, it is a barrier to the expansion of democracy and free trade, it is a brake on the idea of ​​a global planet that will serve as an example to other countries to impose themselves by force. who do not follow their policies. It is time that the representatives of the citizenship in the United States demand that the nefarious politics of President Trump be stopped because, just as we were to isolationism at the beginning of the 20th century and we were forced to return to the Great Game in 1941, now that we withdraw the support to our allies around the world and in different conflicts, we must return to defend with arms the expansion of tyranny, again against fascism and communism. It will not be done by imperialism, it will be necessary when the threatened democracies look at the United States as it has always happened when tyranny prevails in the concert of nations even though it now seems that a tyrant sometimes resides in the White House.

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle

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