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viernes, 1 de enero de 2016


The recognition by the Chinese authorities to build a new aircraft carrier only has to serve at last the world's nations are knowledgeable intelligence of fact our services and our allies in the lead for quite noting too time: CPC's ambitions to extend its maritime domain treading international law governing territorial disputes between neighboring countries.

When the US and its allies to take serious measures to stop Chinese Communist expansionism serving justification other hostile to mantain defiant nations at the international level it has come. The war on terrorism began in 2001 reaches its climax in the current battle on all fronts against Muslim fundamentalism crystallized in a caliphate of terror strikes that not only European and Western interests, brutally beats his own people, caught between a war with several wars within it, which is subjected to living martyrdom. No dudadmos in our faith in the final victory before the blood of our youth was consecrated in sacrifice fighting for democracy and the US but is also time to end the culture broth encourages young boys to become martyrs and girls to be treated as a commodity under medieval settings.

The CCP knows how to use that China has become a major world manufacturing factory, mercantilism that is welcomed with open arms since assumed a market than a thousand potential consumers. The glamor of Chinese consumer society should not blind us to the view that the Chinese Communist leaders have managed to fix the major flaw of the former USSR: its citizens have access to market products of the entertainment industry, consumerism sum. If China instead of promoting freedoms within their society begins with rearmament is happening as hostile gestures towards its neighbors and the Muslim world needs PROSPERITY turn and democracy flourish, maybe it's time to take manufacturing China and reinstall a favorable scenario which in turn excites the world and find argume musumán nts against the sermons and arguments of fundamentalist Islamic clerics who have taken advantage of the generosity of host and under the laws of democracies to spread His message to young people who are culturally and socially uprooted in their home countries where their elders were looking for an opportunity that only within a democratic state are possible.

Our allies in the Pacific must feel no mood of doubt and absolute certainty that the US will not suffer any longer provocations and challenges, bring the CCP the clear message that if they build aircraft carriers with expansionist zeal tgendrán to use them because the US attend one again his date with history and compliance with defense treaties with allies.
God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Managing Editor of The Adversiter Chronicle

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