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sábado, 3 de enero de 2015



He finished the 2014 with a computer attack on US soil and has insulted the President of our nation.
Americans know about the scourge of racism led to the paroxysm of comparing humans with animals. Many Americans have suffered and are suffering with citizens of other continents eradicate a scourge yet.
The greatness of our nation lies in a fundamental pillar of constitutional rights and safeguarding our borders and that of our allies. A dictator of an obsolete communist dictatorship insult an American president is spitting more than a leader, spits out a story in defense of the inviolable rights of every man.
The United States has never tax your system and way of life, or we were called to the aid of other democracies and dictatorships fought or we were attacked on our sovereignty.
American society is aware that the struggle for full implementation in everyday life of civil rights collide with the wall of ignorance and bigotry of centuries of wrong education that can only be solved with an adequate education.
Our system is not perfect but it is the most perfect there. United States manages change for the better thanks to the struggles do not fall on deaf ears and are still fighting for generations to increase justice and eradicate the evils of racial or social discrimination.
If the communist dictator of North Korea think they can computationally attack US interests in the American territory itself, maybe it's time to tell the Chinese Communist government that departs.
We have problems at home and work to solve them but if the communist dictator thinks a man is a monkey by the color of their skin is no longer an enemy of the United States, is the enemy of mankind.
God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Managing Editor of The Adversiter Chronicle

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