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sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013


The case of the soldier Manning has come to his end with the judgment of the Military Court her condemning to 35 years for the filtrations to Wikileaks. Manning has been wrong in the forms though not in the bottom, but as member of the Army of The United States it committed a crime of high perfidy to his country and his companions and fellow-citizens who paid with the tax of his blood the defense of the freedom and the democracy as well as put in danger the lives of others and an unnecessary polemic with our European allies.

The soldier Manning, if him it was not possible to denounce what his conscience was saying to him that it it was deserving to be inside the military estate, should have asked for his fall in rows or to expect to be a civil and free citizen already of his responsibilities as military man and analyst of intelligence. Our great nation has sufficient mechanisms in the civil estate to denounce, to evaluate and to correct the harmful faults of the system, but on having chosen the route of the perfidy as professional soldier is just likewise that is punished as such and to what arranges the regulation.

On the other hand our European allies better would do in the vestments not be tearing since they take advantage to own request in the majority of the cases of our human and technological efficiency as for intelligence and against intelligence. But the United States of America have gained themselves for two times with the sacrifice of his youth the privilege of monitoring a few allies who have demonstrated too along the History that if not they guardianship they are thrown to the war. That say clearly that they there worries the industrial espionage, but like it worries his us and to the rest of countries in the game of the productive world system.

It has to serve also, like a touch of attention to the military persons in charge of the recruitment who could not detect that after the appearance of a boy the soul of a woman flutters and to destine him to a position to which it must never have acceded. The United States need a technologically top Army and superiors have to be his members. But they are the responsible Superiors who have to detect now the failures in the recruitment and impose the necessary measurements in order that if someone tries to treat his personal traumas at the cost of the Army the means exist for you discard those who obviously are not inclined or qualified for the carreras of the weapon and what it represents of responsibility.

Possibly soldier does not fulfill complete the penalty and it will be a shooting star of the television gaining the sufficient thing to do his change of sex, in this sense it has all our solidarity, but as soldier the judgment seems to us to be just and is of hoping that in his prayers one agrees of his companions that they lost the life for the system of which he will take advantage like civil thanks to his filtrations.

God Bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle
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