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lunes, 2 de enero de 2017


Throughout the history of the United States of America a foreign power has never tried to alter the results of a presidential election. Reports from the various intelligence and security agencies point to Russian interference in the past elections that have given presidential power to Donald Trump. His thesis and his arguments convinced a part of the electorate but there is a shadow of doubt whether he benefited from the Kremlin.
What the USSR did not achieve seems to be thanks to the new computer technologies that can be obtained by a Russia that shows its aggressiveness in Syria and in its neighboring republics. Like Hitler in 1936, President Putin does not seem to quench his thirst for regaining Soviet glory by annexing territories that do not legitimately belong to him and hampering the search for a solution in the Middle East by curtailing hopes for peace and prosperity by condemning The citizenship of that geostrategic scenario to follow in the poverty, the religious fanaticism and the political submission to dictators or satraps of turn.
President Trump must, and is obliged to allow, to come to the end in search of the truth about the Russian interference that the reports show. You can not be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces who has been backed by a foreign power that would put at risk the safety of our men and women who sacrifice our lives throughout our planet our prosperity, our culture and ours democracy. With a single vote altered by a foreign power is enough for Donald Trump to resign the presidency, otherwise would prostitute our system not only from an electoral point of view but our democracy. A single vote, only one, that is shown altered and Mr. Trump must resign.
The image of the United States is worsening as our allies feel that the United States' commitment to common defense seems to be altered by the new incoming administration. In Asia, the aggressive shadow of the Chinese communist leaders seems to be sifting through territorial conflicts without complying with the mandates of international bodies, reinforcing their military power while keeping their citizenship narcotized with consumerism. In Europe, the fascisms defeated in 1945 and 1989 seem to re-ignite the fuse of violence based on racial concepts and xenophobia. Our continental allied republics suffer the end of the Bolivarian dream and the scourge of the crisis. Today, more than ever, the United States must be the engine that starts and promotes the values of democracy, but we will not be able to allow the interference of a foreign power in the presidential election.
Donald Trump is the new president of all Americans, but Americans are not Vladimir Putin's subjects. It may be understood that we retreat into a new isolationism and focus on our prosperity and that our allies engage more in their own defense without our lack of support, but retracing ourselves to thank the support of Russia and Mr. Putin have field Free to impose its order in Europe and Middle East will only tarnish the memory of the blood of our young people shed in the name of democracy from the coast of Normandy to the deserts of Afghanistan. The United States is not a company or a corporation, the United States is a dream since its foundation because it means opportunities, prosperity and wealth, the possibility of achieving it at least for work and personal effort. And it is the Russian citizenship who most deserve at this moment to perceive that authoritarianism passes but democracy prevails, it is time for Russia to leave in peace the burial of the USSR and for Mr. Putin to allow democracy to its citizens, not to interfere in countries Who already enjoy it under an apparent military strength that is not such.
Donald Trump must demonstrate transparently, and resign accordingly, if the foreign interference shown in the reports is true, otherwise it would be treason.
God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Advertiser Chronicle

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