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jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012



The recent death of the American Ambassador in Libya looks to be the trigger for the already next war in Middle East. So far diplomacy took the initiative on the issue of Iranian nuclear power. One of the misfortunes of the Bush era has been the loss of credibility to public opinion and the ministries of Foreign Affairs of the intelligence reports.

Some day we will know the truth of the assertions that Iraq available vectors of release of weapons of mass destruction, yes had these even, and to what extent intelligence agencies were intoxicated at the time of collecting information. Also seems obvious to every day that passes the Syrian conflict solution through the comprehensive reform of the geopolitical balance in the area where Saudi Arabia heads the Group of Arab and Islamic leaders who want to see neutralized the influence and spread of Islamic Iran leaders.

A brief analysis seems to indicate that attacks and riots in the Arab world, part of the Arab world, are not as spontaneous as it seems at first glance and the film parody is only a pretext.

Does perhaps the role of Israel and its intelligence services has been cause to justify? Do perhaps the fundamentalists have taken advantage of the provocation to camouflage actions already scheduled for the anniversary of 9-11?

Drums of war are heard and perhaps time is the time that after the cold war and the subsequent period of readjustment geo-political and strategic geo based in a consumerist culture that culminated in the economic crisis we are currently experiencing the Nations decide to solve the problem of religious war that exists between Islamic fundamentalists and all of them against USA and the democracies.

All this will be to eliminate the revolutionary Islamist Government in Tehran and a period of progressive democratization, that will take from two to four generations, where fundamentalist orientation governments out of the polls. And inevitably that Islamic countries, at least in the Maghreb and Mediterranean Strip, recognize the State of Israel.

To reach that stage, not utopian, several steps are necessary.

European countries must provide the means and necessary integration of the armies of countries members of the European Union not to fall into the operational deficiencies which showed in Libya. Middle East peace benefits the entire planet but particularly to Europe which should seek and develop new markets and areas of influence where by history the Maghreb and the Mediterranean shore part.

Turkey is called to be the natural guardian in this future scenario geo political both for its history as a territorial power and its NATO membership and the slow but progressive approach at all levels in Europe and the European Union. On the other hand, it is the only country in the area that apart from Israel has the military strength to impose the new order and guardian of the bridge of communication between East and West.

And United States?

United States has to be the policeman, not the armed wing that ensure respect for and guarantee the compliance of the new order when arise the inevitable rough, but an armed arm where diplomacy is spearhead.

United States has never entered into war on religious grounds and must never have claimed to justify doing so. United States must be done a scenario where different families of Islamic and Arab society feel a dialogue to build a future that belongs to them.

An Arab society which has had historical bad luck but who already know in their own flesh where lead Governments fundamentalists and the distorted spread of the verses of the Qur'an, used by the oligarchs in turn to stir up the holy war and international isolationism on the basis of foreign aggression.

It will be slower than desired for a process but this global economic crisis requires global solutions. Tomorrow will be Middle East, past East and engage China as a power to military in the area and the inevitable clash with Japan...

The presence of ships of the U.S. Navy, far from alarmed and concerned, should be

Symbol of the decision of American to create boards where democracy and economic prosperity can develop in peace for Arab society with the help, support and complicity of its allies in NATO.

But neither film is something fortuitous or fundamentalist assaults and demonstrations are spontaneous. If it were a strategy of the secret services, only we should congratulate and promote those responsible by the Government authorizing it.

Can you think of someone?

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Director Editorial and owner of The Adversiter Chronicle


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