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viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012



The tragedy in Connecticut has to make us think as Americans in need and timing provoked by one tragedy, that without renouncing the right of possessing weapons, the acquisition thereof must be regulated to avoid certain elements of society can carry them with complete immunity.

The United States have evolved social and materially. Times in which necessitated a weapon to defend themselves against other citizens has been attenuated by the various agencies and bodies to whom we are confident the defense of the rule of law, those who are authorized to neutralize the weapons used to those within our society to commit an offence, trafficking and murder.

President Obama has to be courageous and address along with the Congress laws that protect citizens unarmed and innocent children from the potential danger of unbalanced and teenage alienated by the violence in the entertainment industry have access to weapons that cause massacres of innocent.

We are not asking to restrict Internet, Administration does very well in flag freedom in the same at the recent meeting of the ITU which was held in Dubai.

It is not to invalidate the constitutional right to have weapons.

It's a comprehensive reform in which young minds feel sections of the education system and their family and social frameworks are replaced by a frame of reference based on the violence of the trigger.

When an adolescent commits a massacre, we are all somewhat guilty.

President Obama has the opportunity to fulfill its promises in this regard in his last term. Nobody should tear garments because restrictive measures on the controls for acquisition of weapons.

Learn to shoot and having weapons at home, parents and children come to shoot at polygons of shooting or shooting clubs is not only legitimate but an inalienable right. That anyone can outwit the control system to acquire already is not simply possible.

United States and its citizens are today mourning, but we all have something of blame for hindering the advance of the times.

The Adversiter Chronicle accompanies the families of the victims in their grief, and we pray to the Almighty for their souls and the consolation of victims.

God bless America
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