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viernes, 19 de abril de 2013



The death and arrest of the perpetrators of the attack in Boston means the end of the imminent threat and opens the second part of this tragedy.

It is too early and should give time to researchers so that they compose the puzzle: logistical support, inductors and indoctrinating is needed for two young people integrated in our nation decided to commit this brutal act of terrorism.

It is also a reminder that those who propose to make the United States an isolationist country may see terrorism as a global phenomenon.

The international status that we have ever reached is based on raising the flag in defense of democracy and is in that sense that we must be patient, be United and work together to clarify all the dark spots of the terrorist attack.

Allied and friendly Nations know what it is to suffer the threat of terrorism in their society, such as Spain, Israel and other European countries where democracy is constantly attacked.

But democracy has its mechanisms of Defense and the United States have launched a message loud and clear: we will pursue, will stop and will judge any  and kind of terrorism.

President Obama has the perfect excuse and motivation given by the sacrifice of our compatriots to spearhead a process where sentence and ends with the terrorism both in Europe and in the Americas. It may seem a utopia and even a dream, but our country not has faced ever challenges due to its easy or impossible a priori dealt with, always assumed them by its difficulty but glimpse into the future that promised to meet such challenges.

Simply the projection of future that involves ending terrorism in our country and of our allies is worth at least considering the challenge.

The Adversiter Chronicle binds to the pain of the family and is proud of that in a short period of time and with the collaboration of the citizenship has been able to be neutralized this threat as well as congratulate the members of the various police forces and the FBI for the arrest of the culprits.

 God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle


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